In Rome and Italy are a lot of beauties and wonderful places, very singular.

Many sights are unknown and not included in main travel routes. Charming squares, streets and alleys; little visited churches, chapels, shrines, monasteries; uncrowded gardens, villas, parks and protected areas; museums and unusual places.

Do you know that in Rome, walking distance from piazza Venezia there is a square where time seems to be stopped to previous centuries. Or do you know that in the centre of Tivoli you can see a wonderful park, very amazing like Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este?

TRIPPLUS was created for reveal this world to be discovered in every point of view, not only history, art but also wine and food.



I'm Federico. I come from Rome and I'm a licensed tour guide. I love my fantastic town and Italy, my beautiful fatherland. So I'm very proud to explore them with you, tourists and pilgrims. I like very much travelling around the world and enjoy all its wonders. I speak english.

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